Data Protection Declaration

Last updated: January 2021


This Web Site (the “” web site is meant with “Web Site”) is operated by TACTICAL GUNS STORE m.b.H., Company Registration Number 64142 b, Gaston Glock Park 1, 9170 Ferlach, Austria (hereafter referred to as “TACTICAL GUNS STORE”, “we” and “us”). 

This data protection declaration relates to personal information that is collected when this Web Site is visited. Please therefore read through this declaration carefully before using the Web Site, because here in particular it explains what personal data is collected, the methods used for this and the purposes for which it is collected, and how TACTICAL GUNS STORE handles this data. Personal data is all data that has a personal reference, for example, name, address, email addresses, user behavior. With regard to the terms used, such as “personal data” or the “processing” thereof, we refer to the definitions in Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

This Web Site can contain links to web sites, online applications or mobile platforms of other providers, which are not covered by this data protection declaration. Insofar as the collection, processing or use of personal data is linked to the use of web sites of other providers, please note the respective data protection notices from the respective provider, for which TACTICAL GUNS STORE does not assume any responsibility or liability. 

With the use of this Web Site, you consent to the following data protection provisions of TACTICAL GUNS STORE. The protection of personal data and the maintaining of the basic right to data protection is of particular importance to TACTICAL GUNS STORE. You can revoke your agreement to this data protection declaration or individual points at any time by contacting us (See Item 2 for contact details). 

This data protection declaration can be changed or updated from time to time. If changes are made, you can see this using the last date under “Last Updated” at the start of the data protection declaration. If you also want to interact with us after the changes have been made, this is considered consent to the changes. You should therefore check this data protection declaration regularly for the latest version. 

TACTICAL GUNS STORE collects, processes and uses your personal data in compliance with the respective provisions regarding data protection. This means that users’ data is only processed if legal consent has been obtained, that is if the data processing is necessary in order to perform a contract or to carry out pre-contractual measures (Art. 6 Para. 1 (b) GDPR), if your consent for this has been given (Art. 6 Para. 1 (a) GDPR), to protect our justified interests (Art. 6 Para. 1 (e) GDPR) or to meet our legal obligations (Art. 6 Para. 1 (c) GDPR). 


The person in charge (initiator) of the collection, processing and use of your data is TACTICAL GUNS STORE Gesellschaft m.b.H., Company Registration Number 64142 b, Gaston Glock Park 1, 9170 Ferlach, Austria. You can contact TACTICAL GUNS STORE using the following contact details:

Phone: 0043 (0)2247 90300-0


TACTICAL GUNS STORE records, saves and processes the following data:

Direct personal data in the form of personal contact data and demographic information and other data that you notify us of: 
Such data is only collected by TACTICAL GUNS STORE with your consent if you actively and voluntarily provide it to us during your visit to our Web Site by filling out one of our contact forms (general or technical request). This includes the following data: first and last name, country, email address, telephone number and age group, in case of a specific pistol request: serial number of your pistol. We collect, process and save this data for the execution and response to your query or message. To do this, we need your email address, so that we know where we can send our answer to, your name, so that we can address you personally, and your country of origin, so that we can assign your query to the respective employee in charge for this country. The age group is collected in order to be able to assign you to a customer group for the purposes of target group oriented market analysis. The serial number of your pistol is collected in case of a specific pistol request to identify the gun model and to be able to process your request faster.

You can of course also visit the TACTICAL GUNS STORE Web Site without filling out a contact form and thus without disclosing the direct personal data collected from it. The data collected is not forwarded to third parties by TACTICAL GUNS STORE, unless we are obliged to do this due to legal regulations. This data is only saved for as long as necessary for a comprehensive response to your query; however, at the most for a time period of three years. 

Technical data and data about usage: 
With mere use of the Web Site for information, i.e. if you only visit our Web Site without otherwise sending us information, we only collect the data that your browser sends to our server. If you want to view our Web Site, we collect the following data in particular, which is required for technical reasons in order to display our Web Site and to guarantee its stability and security (the legal basis of this is Art. 6 Para. 1 P. 1 (f) GDPR):

  • IP address, making the IP address anonymous: In the Internet, each device needs a unique address to transfer data, known as the IP address. The IP addresses are shortened by us before any processing takes place and only processed further in anonymous form. In doing so, they are made anonymous by means of a unidirectional conversion algorithm – a hash algorithm. In doing so, the IP address is converted into a hash that cannot be converted back to the original IP address. We do not save or process the unshorten IP addresses. The IP address helps us to, among other things, determine the country from which you are visiting us, in order to be able to offer regionally-differing content on our Web Site, for example, or for a statistical analysis of the visitors according to country, or to document user activity, such as the same user returning to our Web Site. Based on the anonymous IP address, there is also the assignment of the Web Site being called up at the location of being called up to the geographical level of the region (geolocalisation). However, in no case can an indication of the actual residence of the user be obtained from the geographic Information.
  • Browser name or browser type, browser version, browser language, operating system: The user agent string is an identification that is used to identify and read the browser. It states the browser name or browser type, the browser version, the operating system and the browser language. This data is to improve and optimize the display and user-friendliness of our Web Site. We thus need the browser language, for example, to find out whether our Web Site should be provided in a further language.

We receive further (technical) data and information using automatic technologies such as cookies and using external tracking services such as Google Analytics. For further individual details about these technologies, as well as about the possibility of opting out of the use of the above-mentioned technologies, please see our Cookie Guidelines. This information is not collected or used by us to identify the users personally. We evaluate this data anonymously, primarily for statistical purposes and also in order to administer our Web Site technically and to optimize our Internet presence. This data is not combined with other data sources. The data is saved for as long as is necessary to analyses the data; however, for three years as a maximum. It is automatically deleted after three years. It is the following data:

  • Date, time and duration of visit: We record the start and end time of the Web Site visit, primarily to define a user session and to analyze user behavior. We also record the time that the URL is called up (time stamp); this serves to limit statistical evaluations to certain time periods.
  • Screen resolution: We record the screen resolution. This is to further develop our Web Site, in particular with regard to the most-preferred screen resolution.
  • Number of pages visited: We record the number of pages visited on our Web Site. This information shows us whether and how well our content is received by users and whether there is a need for change or amendment.
  • History of pages visited: We record all uniform resource locators (URLs) that a user visits during a session on our Web Site. This information shows us, for example, how well the user accepts the structure, or the arrangement and linking of our Web Site, in order to be able to make changes and amendments to our Web Site in this regard.



This is data for which the responsibility for compliance with data protection law is incumbent upon third parties, because this is not ascertained or processed by TACTICAL GUNS STORE. 

TACTICAL GUNS STORE allows third parties (Google Analytics, Google Maps), as a result of the inclusion of their services on our Web Site, to also ascertain and process data by saving third-party cookies or similar technology. You can find more detailed information about this in our Cookie Guidelines and in the respective data protection declarations, to which we refer you. 


The personal data provided by you is solely collected, processed and used by PRIMEGLOCK for legally-permitted purposes. Forwarding of data to third parties is not undertaken, unless this is absolutely necessary to comply with applicable law, such as if we are requested to through an official order, or legal proceedings require this (court or administrative proceedings, including criminal proceedings). 

Your personal data is processed by our employees depending on the specific purposes for which your data has been recorded. Appropriate (security) precautions to prevent unauthorized use of your data have been implemented in our company. Our employees are obliged to adhere to the relevant legal stipulations and data protection law and to treat the data confidentially. 


GLOCK uses a range of different security technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, misuse or prohibited disclosure. The data is protected from unauthorized access by means of encrypted transfer, encrypted saving, a role authorization system, a data security system and physical protection measures for the server. The security measures are revised on an ongoing basis in accordance with technological development. 

TACTICAL GUNS STORE uses your data in line with the relevant legal provisions. TACTICAL GUNS STORE only saves your personal data for as long as is necessary to meet the purposes for which the data has been recorded or in order to suffice for respective legal provisions. 


You have, at any time, the right to information about the personal data saved about you, to be provided at no charge. In this regard, you have the right to demand a confirmation from us of whether personal data in relation to you is processed. You also have the right to have corrections made, the deletion of, or restrictions on the processing of this data. Furthermore, you have a right to object to the processing, as well as the right of data to be transferred. In addition, you can revoke your consent to our data processing activities at any time (right of revocation). Furthermore, you have the possibility to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority. 

With regard to this, and if you have general questions on data protection and/or this data protection declaration, please contact us at any time using the address here: 


TACTICAL GUNS STORE’s Web Site is not aimed at people under the age of 18. We do not request any personal data from children or minors, nor collect it, nor forward it to third parties. Users under 18 years of age are therefore blocked from recording their age information in the context of contact forms. 


The Website is not intended for use by residents of the United States of America and TACTICAL GUNS STORE does not intentionally collect information from residents of the United States of America. Some anonymized user data may be passively gathered for third-party analytics.


What are cookies?

TACTICAL GUNS STORE uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your hard drive at an assigned location by the browser you use and through which the body that places the cookie allows certain information to be accrued. Cookies cannot execute programs or transfer viruses to your computer. They serve to make the content offered on the Internet more user friendly and effective.


Cookies allow us and external service providers to save your activities and the number of your visits to our Web Site. The data that is saved by cookies helps to evaluate your preferences for our content and thus to amend our Web Site as well as possible to your requirements and interests, with the result that you can be offered an even better surfing experience. For example, as a user, you do not need to enter the language setting again each time you visit the Web Site.